In the town of Sant Vicenç de Torelló

In this beautiful town you can enjoy its magic and the friendliness of its people, and at the same time, you can observe its history over the years, a good example is the Romanesque church.

You can also enjoy its gastronomy and the Sunday morning market.

14 min.


Visit the Colònia de Borgonyà

The colony is made up of the church, the factory, a commissary, a casino, schools for both sexes, a cooperative, a brotherhood of assistance, a theater, a cinema, a sports field, an inn, a barber shop, a train station, post office, cemetery and, since the twenties, nursery school, doctor and pharmacy.

The houses are differentiated depending on the hierarchy.

7 min.


Torelló Castle

It is a building declared a cultural asset of national interest.

The old Castle of Torelló was the jurisdictional center of the entire valley, and gave its name to the three main towns of its former term : Torelló or Sant Feliu de Torelló, Sant Pere de Torelló and Sant Vicenç de Torelló. Saderra also originally belonged to its term, but was separated from it very soon, in the 11th century.

11 min.


On horseback at Hípica Maver

On the Can Passerells estate we are lucky enough to have the Maver equestrian facilities as our neighbors. At the horse riding facilities, you can take horse or pony excursions around the town and in some majestic places. The equestrian center has a boarding service if necessary.

4 min.


Walnut plantation

It has been six years since we started planting walnuts on the Can Passerells farm in order to be able to supply good quality walnuts to the entire Vall de Gés.

We have a farm of one hectare that you can visit and that the owners of the farm use will teach the process of the New. (From the beginning with the planting of the tree to the collection of the fruit). *We also organize courses on the manufacturing process of Ratafia, a drink made with tender walnuts.

5 min.


Sanctuary of Bellmunt Serra de Milany and Puigsacalm

If you like excursions, trail running or mountain bike routes, you can enjoy unbeatable routes and places. The essentially humid character of this territory should be emphasized, which allows the development of the deciduous forests typical of Central European lands. The flora (mycological, biological and lichenological), together with the sample of Central European forest fauna and some species of invertebrates, make this space very valuable.

20 min.


La Fageda de la Grevolosa

La Grevolosa beech is one of the most spectacular forests in Catalonia, with monumental trees over 300 years old and a diameter of more than 1 meter, with some of them exceeding 40 meters in length. There is also a great natural diversity, both of flora and fauna. Due to its beauty and biological interest, this beech forest is included in the EIN area Serres de Milany-Santa Magdalena i Puigsacalm-Bellmunt.

15 min.


In the town of Vic

Vic is the capital of the Osona region, in the north-east of Catalonia. It is one of the county capitals of inner Catalonia. Its population is 46,214 inhabitants (2020).

In it you can enjoy its history, the markets and the shops and also its gastronomy. It is known for the medieval market.

24 min.

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